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LOCALIZE SPOT is a flexible translation service, founded in 2012 in Egypt. At present, the company is headquartered in Cairo in Egypt
In the modern world; the success of virtually every company depends on efficient and effective communication. Whether you want to draw up contracts with foreign investors, prepare technical documentation for your products or simply tend to day-to-day business correspondence, the absolute prerequisite is a good command of one or even several foreign languages. Unfortunately, there are not enough professionals who can communicate effectively without the use of an interpreter. We try to meet the needs of the modern market economy. Thanks to our interpreters and translators, your company will be able to cooperate with business partners from any part of the world.

LOCALIZE SPOT uses the most qualified and knowledgeable linguists to provide the highest quality translations in over 40 language pairs. We maintain a database of 2,878 qualified freelance translators, all professionals in their respective fields with whom we have established long-term relationships.

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